Diego Sieg


My name is Diego Sieg. I'm a front end web developer passionate about data, metrics, infographics, maps, journalism, design, Internet, and to create / to develop innovative things. I love challenges and for that reason I'm always trying to solve problems. I believe that the use of technology + innovation processes + passion + creativity can transform our lives and the place where we live. Ideas are bubbling in my head all the time. Let's build a better world together?

About me

Front End Web Developer, Data Journalist, Digital Strategist, Business Innovator (BMG Canvas & Lean Startup), Agile lover, Academic Researcher of Data Driven Journalism & Innovation Models, Apple & Google fan, Internet addict, Geek, Curious, Thinker, Open mind, Friendly, Books & Magazines & Movies & Music fan, Chef & Barista at home, Proactive, Creative, Brazilian, Quick learning person, Crazy about new challenges, Backpacker… Everytime, I'm building, measuring and learning in a continuous cycle.

I'm currently studying Ruby on Rails, Angular.js, d3.js, Data analytics, Business Model Innovation, Lean Startup & UX, and Design Thinking.

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main skills

Html5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular.js, UX & UI, Data-driven Journalism, Digital Media, Data Visualization, Charts & Infographics, BizDev, Design Thinking, Social Media, Design, Agile, Lean...


I'm always eagerly looking gain new knowledge. Nowadays, I'm a member of the research team of TECCCOG (Technology, Communication and Cognition), from Universidade Metodista de São Paulo, mentored by Prof. Dr. Walter Teixeira Lima Junior.